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Our goal is to find solution ideas to big challenges and help make real world impact with the projects you create.


Our workshops emphasize expression and dialogue through the creation of art, teaching our participants that meaningful understanding can be achieved with anyone, regardless of culture, language, race, religion or orientation.


We bring community members together for honest discussions on social problems, and to align on proper courses of action for the betterment of everyone involved.


We aim to discover and foster the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone we work with, and we happily share our resources and expertise with anyone who expresses an interest in the field of social entrepreneurship.


We believe social action begins at the individual level, and is made better when these individuals work together. We strive to inspire all our members and participants to take action and co-create a better future.


We’re building a global network of like-minded individuals and organizations to support one another in affecting social change in each region we operate out of.


Rocking The World is a global movement that unites individuals and communities under a common vision, and inspires them to take action and co-create a better world by bringing them together and empowering them with the skills and support needed to achieve their goals.

Workshops Organised
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 Rocking The World relies on a broad and diverse set of collaborative relationships and partnerships in all parts of the world to pursue its mission and implement its projects. We bring together diverse companies, foundations, organisations and communities who believe in our values and mission and support us in achieving our goals.


Let's Explore How We Can Work Together


Mandala Workshop for Companies

Build deeper connections with your employees and challenge them to solve social problems related to your industry.

Mandala Workshop for NGOs & Communities

Discover new ways of solving challenges that have been hindering growth.

Mandala Workshop for Universities

Engage with your students to help them discover how social entrepreneurship can change their lives and their communities.

"6 hours ago on my way here I didn’t have a single clue what’s happening or anything about Rocking The World. I thought “Why not?” I knew a few people organising it .. but then 5 hours later I started knowing more about ideas, about what I can contribute, about understanding myself.. Thank you Rocking The World for giving this opportunity to not only me but all of us. Hope we can make something real. Thank you!"

"Our group today enhanced what I wanted to do next. It’s not about that I can’t do it, I’ve done it before, but it’s about sharing it with other people. I will definitely move on with what I believe in. Thank you so much!"

"People say ‘I care about this or that but I don’t have time or resources to do it.’ When I came here, I realised, I’m not alone. I feel happy to know that there are people around me who have the same vision as me, who want to make a difference. You don’t need to have an entire organisation or army of people to do it with you.. we are army of change makers here. I’m gonna sleep happily tonight because I know that our generation is not completely lost, that there are people who are still gonna go out there and make things happen. I’m grateful for that. Thank you."

"Today is actually an eye opener for me. As you draw on the mandala, you can listen and you can see what people are thinking about and you find many things in common. I said love, hope, everyone wants something good, no one drew anything bad on their circle. So it really gives you to hope.. it would be actually a good world to live in and it was really great to meet all of you."


Mandala Workshop

March, 2014

Mandala Workshop

April, 2014

Mandala Workshop for Incitement Growth

May, 2014

Mandala Workshop for IBM

June, 2014